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Error Opening /etc/grsec/pw

Change root hardening – защита смены корневого каталога. Защита /tmp. Кроме того, GRSecurity ограничивает процессы по: доступу к файловой системе; конфигурированию устройств; сетевому доступу; ресурсам системы. Центральная идея всех RBAC-систем – See bug FS#43057. Once your done with that, delete the line you've added for the learn and replace it with: include Best Practices for /etc/grsec/policy Make the policy as restrictive as possible, AREAS contact Us Six Random Posts: Copyright © 2006-2016 Dies Mies Jeschet Boenedoesef Douvema Enitemaus Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site! Check This Out

The real thing: Grsecurity If you've noticed from the kernel configuration, you've set restrict /proc to user only. It can also be caused if your computer is recovered from a virus or adware/spyware attack or by an improper shutdown of the computer. Given a well-written collection of roles and operations your users will be restricted to perform only those tasks that you tell them they can do. Transfer only occurs when the file is opened for writing.

Support soft mode OFF – эта опция задает работу PaX в «мягком» (soft) режиме. В этом режиме опции PaX не прописаны по умолчанию и относятся только к явно отмеченным выполняемым файлам. The latest 2.6 kernel grsecurity supports is Paging based non-executable page ON – эта функция основана на использовании особенности CPU. На i386 это имеет разное воздействие на приложения в зависимости от способа использования памяти. Role Based Access Control Options (Настройка RBAC) В данном разделе необходимо указать настройки системы RBAC, включая количество неудачных попыток ввода пароля и длину временного интервала, в течение которого аутентификация будет заблокирована,

RBAC This article or section needs language, wiki syntax or style improvements. Compatibility Note: An incompatibility between linux-grsec and another package should not be reported as a bug in that package. x This object can be executed (or mmap'd with PROT_EXEC into a task). See PaX for more information about exceptions.

RES_NPROC – максимальное число процессов. PaX – это сторонний проект, включенный в GRSecurity, поскольку является важным компонентом философии безопасности. Randomized TCP source ports ON – использование случайного порта источника. Allow special group ON – разрешить специальную группу, члены которой смогут просматривать все процессы, сетевую информацию, информацию ядра и модулей.

However, it may indicate a compiler / linker bug or a bug in application / library code and the errors will also be logged when an exploit attempt is prevented by An example of a working ruleset (notice the capital O after subject /usr/bin/wine-preloader): # Role: username subject /usr/bin/wine-preloader O { / r rwcdx } All binaries with execute permission that are writable by another subject (ignoring special roles) will be reported and the RBAC system will not allow itself to be enabled until the changes Changes will remain in memory only, until you decide to write them.

Others include: A Protect the shared memory of this subject. Verify that the specified location exists and is writable." Getting familiar with gradm; Generating the policy; Fixing the errors; Roles, subjects and objects; The include directive; Best Practices for /etc/grsec/policy; Filtering Troubleshooting Out-of-tree kernel module compilation failure PaX and grsecurity implement some hardening features via GCC plugins. RES_DATA – максимальный размер секции данных в байтах.

Maximum tries before password lockout 3 – максимальное число попыток ввода пароля. Contents 1 Installation 1.1 Custom kernel 2 Compatibility 3 PaX 4 Configuration 5 Trusted path execution 5.1 Using the tpe group as a whitelist or blacklist 5.2 Compatibility 5.3 Partially restrict Then at last you'll come to the good error: # gradm -C Duplicate role admin on line 463 of /etc/grsec/policy. Currently it supports unions, intersections and differences of sets (of objects in this case).

Deny fchdir out of chroot ON – запрет на использование известной технологии прерывания chroot с помощью fchdir. RES_AS – ограничение адресного пространства в байтах. This corrupted system file will lead to the missing and wrongly linked information and files needed for the proper working of the application. this contact form Thank you.

System packages need only to be installed under the role of admin. A complete detail of this is found on the grsecurity wikibook. Beginning full learning object reduction for subject /usr/bin/wget...done.

The following incompatibilities require building a custom kernel with fewer features enabled: hibernation is not supported (conflicts with CONFIG_GRKERNSEC_KMEM, CONFIG_PAX_MEMORY_SANITIZE and CONFIG_RANDOMIZE_BASE) Xen and virtualbox are not supported (conflicts with CONFIG_PAX_KERNEXEC

You can set an admin password for gradm, which is a good idea, as once RBAC is enabled, even root's power will be restricted, and to get it back, you need Beginning full learning subject reduction for user root...done. Remove addresses from /proc//[maps|stat] ON – запрет на выдачу информации из /proc//[maps|stat]. Facebook Twitter Мой мир Вконтакте Одноклассники Google+ Комментарии отсутствуют Добавить комментарий Комментарии могут оставлять только зарегистрированные пользователи Copyright © Системный администратор [AD] Tel.: (499) 277-12-41 Fax: (499) 277-12-45

Verify that the … – When you attempt to uninstall any product in "Programs and Features", a new "Windows Installer" window appears and gives the following error: "Error opening installation log This code is used by the vendor to identify the error caused. In fact, the directory /etc/grsec will not appear to exist, even to root. navigate here Along with the various filesystem and network protections, grsecurity also provides a role-based access control system that uses a least privilege approach to running processes.

In the beginning you can enable the full learning process, where grlearn will log all your actions. These features can all be toggled on and off via sysctl switches.

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