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Download Error 2402 - Error Code 0x962 Fix - helps fix Error 2402 - Error Code 0x962 on your system. The specified account is not allowed to authenticate to the computer. ERROR_REMOTE_PRINT_CONNECTIONS_BLOCKED 1936 (0x790) Remote connections to the Print Spooler are blocked by a policy set on your machine. It may not be formatted. ERROR_NO_TRUST_LSA_SECRET 1786 (0x6FA) The workstation does not have a trust secret. ERROR_NO_TRUST_SAM_ACCOUNT 1787 (0x6FB) The security database on the server does not have a My Let'snote|Personal|Insomnia|Link WMI Fun !!>System Error Code>ERROR_ACTIVE_CONNECTIONS IT 関連情報を気軽に知りたい方へ、キーマンズネットがおすすめです 私も使っていますお勧め SIM フリースマホ ASUS Zenfone DMM mobile なら常に格安 SIM 業界最安値水準で使えます ERROR_ACTIVE_CONNECTIONS Windows のエラーコード、メッセージに関して Windows System を利用していて不具合が発生した際エラーコード、メッセージから調査をすることになると思います。 そこで調査を進めるにあたって英語版 Windows ではどのようなエラーメッセージが表示されるか気になったことはありませんか? では Error Code:

Methods included from DSL::PlatformIntrospection #platform?, #platform_family?, #value_for_platform, #value_for_platform_family Methods included from DSL::RegistryHelper #registry_data_exists?, #registry_get_subkeys, #registry_get_values, #registry_has_subkeys?, #registry_key_exists?, #registry_value_exists? Copyright 2010. Click Open or Run this program from its current location. Solution: Repairing ERROR_ACTIVE_CONNECTIONS problem can not be that easy.

Reference: Windows Error 2402 Windows Error 2402 : ERROR_ACTIVE_CONNECTIONS: Active connections still exist. To begin the installation, once you've clicked on the a link above, a new window should appear with several options on it. Fix it immediately Summary: ERROR_ACTIVE_CONNECTIONS errors may pop up because of misconfigured system files in your windows operating system.

Methods included from Mixin::DescendantsTracker descendants, #descendants, direct_descendants, #direct_descendants, find_descendants_by_name, #find_descendants_by_name, #inherited, store_inherited Methods included from Mixin::Deprecation #deprecated_attr, #deprecated_attr_reader, #deprecated_attr_writer, #deprecated_ivar Methods included from Mixin::ParamsValidate #lazy, #set_or_return, #validate Methods included from Mixin::PowershellOut Each one can occur in one of many hundreds of locations in the system. Or to save the download to your computer for installation at a later time, click Save or Save this program to disk. In order to fix your errors and speed up PC, it is recommended that your download the 'ERROR_ACTIVE_CONNECTIONS Repair Tool'.

If ERROR_ACTIVE_CONNECTIONS error cannot be troubleshooted in a effective way, you may received more severe computer problems. To avoid ERROR_ACTIVE_CONNECTIONS 2402 (0X962) window dialogs, and keep your computer in secure. run_context.node : nil end .valid_actions(*args) ⇒ Object Deprecated. 92 93 94 95 # File 'lib/chef/resource/lwrp_base.rb', line 92 def valid_actions(*args) Chef::Log.warn("`valid_actions' is deprecated, please use allowed_actions `instead'!") allowed_actions(*args) end Generated on Sat To retrieve the description text for the error in your application, use the FormatMessage function with the FORMAT_MESSAGE_FROM_SYSTEM flag.

Now that you know what does ERROR_ACTIVE_CONNECTIONS 2402 (0X962) mean, you may avoid this kind of system errors in the future. Changes will not be effective until the service is restarted. ERROR_PRINTER_NOT_FOUND 3012 (0xBC4) No printers were found. ERROR_PRINTER_DRIVER_WARNED 3013 (0xBC5) The printer driver is known to be unreliable. Error 2402 - Error Code 0x962 Solution To repair this error, download and install each of the software tools listed below. Sometimes Error 2402 - Error Code 0x962 can be caused by spyware or virus infections, so it's wise to run a removal program like the one below, to remove any spyware

Attributes inherited from Chef::Resource #allowed_actions, #cookbook_name, #declared_type, #default_guard_interpreter, #elapsed_time, #enclosing_provider, #ignore_failure, #not_if_args, #only_if_args, #params, #recipe_name, #retries, #retry_delay, #run_context, #sensitive, #source_line, #updated Class Method Summary collapse .actions(*action_names) ⇒ Object Adds +action_names+ to With this arsenal of powerful, sophisticated utilities your system is tuned to run at its optimal state. If you have additional suggestions regarding the System Error Codes documentation, given the constraints enumerated at the top of the page, please click the link labeled "Send comments about this topic I hope you find it useful!

Download ERROR_ACTIVE_CONNECTIONS Problems Fixer Now In order to repair ERROR_ACTIVE_CONNECTIONS problem, install SmartPCFixer immediately. ERROR_ACTIVE_CONNECTIONS 2402 (0X962) may bring you unrelated window dialogs. Included are Easy Repair Wizard, Error Utilities, File Association fixer, Register ActiveX, Shortcuts Fixer, Winsock2 Repair toolkit, Dll Fixer and more. System Error Codes (1700-3999) NoteツツThe information on this page is intended to be used by programmers so that the software they write can better deal with errors.

If you are an end-user that is experiencing difficulty with an application you are installing or running, contact customer support for the software that is displaying the error message. This page shows you how to repair Error 2402 - Error Code 0x962 and related errors. Once the checks are done, you can let the tools fix the problem. check over here Besides, If you run several program at the same time, your PC will encounter sudden crash and unexpected freezes.

A system reboot has been initiated to roll back changes made. ERROR_PRINTER_DRIVER_DOWNLOAD_NEEDED 3019 (0xBCB) The specified printer driver was not found on the system and needs to be downloaded. These have been specifically designed to help repair this error; Download Windows Software Update - updates the drivers that control your computer. Methods included from Mixin::ShellOut #run_command_compatible_options, #shell_out, #shell_out!, #shell_out_with_systems_locale, #shell_out_with_systems_locale!

Methods included from Mixin::FromFile class_from_file, from_file Methods included from Mixin::ConvertToClassName constantize, convert_to_class_name, convert_to_snake_case, filename_to_qualified_string, normalize_snake_case_name, snake_case_basename Methods inherited from Chef::Resource #action, action, #action=, action_provider_class, #after_created, allowed_actions, allowed_actions=, #as_json, #cookbook_version, #custom_exception_message, #customize_exception,

Constant Summary Constants inherited from Chef::Resource FORBIDDEN_IVARS, HIDDEN_IVARS Constants included from Chef::ReservedNames::Win32::API::Error Chef::ReservedNames::Win32::API::Error::EPT_S_CANT_CREATE, Chef::ReservedNames::Win32::API::Error::EPT_S_CANT_PERFORM_OP, Chef::ReservedNames::Win32::API::Error::EPT_S_INVALID_ENTRY, Chef::ReservedNames::Win32::API::Error::EPT_S_NOT_REGISTERED, Chef::ReservedNames::Win32::API::Error::ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED, Chef::ReservedNames::Win32::API::Error::ERROR_ACCESS_DISABLED_BY_POLICY, Chef::ReservedNames::Win32::API::Error::ERROR_ACCOUNT_DISABLED, Chef::ReservedNames::Win32::API::Error::ERROR_ACCOUNT_EXPIRED, Chef::ReservedNames::Win32::API::Error::ERROR_ACCOUNT_LOCKED_OUT, Chef::ReservedNames::Win32::API::Error::ERROR_ACCOUNT_RESTRICTION, Chef::ReservedNames::Win32::API::Error::ERROR_ACTIVE_CONNECTIONS, Chef::ReservedNames::Win32::API::Error::ERROR_ADAP_HDW_ERR, Chef::ReservedNames::Win32::API::Error::ERROR_ADDRESS_ALREADY_ASSOCIATED, Chef::ReservedNames::Win32::API::Error::ERROR_ADDRESS_NOT_ASSOCIATED, Chef::ReservedNames::Win32::API::Error::ERROR_ALIAS_EXISTS, Chef::ReservedNames::Win32::API::Error::ERROR_ALLOTTED_SPACE_EXCEEDED, Chef::ReservedNames::Win32::API::Error::ERROR_ALL_USER_TRUST_QUOTA_EXCEEDED, Chef::ReservedNames::Win32::API::Error::ERROR_ALREADY_ASSIGNED, Chef::ReservedNames::Win32::API::Error::ERROR_ALREADY_EXISTS, Sitemap | Error 2402 - Error Code 0x962 ClassFooAlpha 遏・隸蜈ア莠ォ 蜿醍鴫 譛ェ逋サ蜿也シ CCBY 謇句 Windows 邉サ扈滄漠隸ッ遐∝、ァ蜈ィ 謳懃エ「 蠖灘燕譁遶譚・閾ェWindows 邉サ扈滄漠隸ッ遐∝、ァ蜈ィシ 隸・謇句悟ア樔コ手軸闃ア譛オ譛オシ檎罰蜈カ迢ャ遶狗シ冶セ大ケカ扈エ謚、 鬥夜。オ Windows 邉サ扈滄漠隸ッ遐∝、ァ蜈ィ ERROR_ACTIVE_CONNECTIONS(2402,0x962) 蛻莠ォ iPhone 霑帛・謇句 ERROR_ACTIVE_CONNECTIONS(2402,0x962)闔イ闃ア譛オ譛オ 郛冶セ台コ 02-19迚域悽2隸隶コ0 #define This optimization tool is already proven to locate, identify, and remove ERROR_ACTIVE_CONNECTIONS errors. Libraries » opscode/chef (master) » Index (L) » Chef » Resource » LWRPBase Class: Chef::Resource::LWRPBase Inherits: Chef::Resource Object Chef::Resource Chef::Resource::LWRPBase show all Extended by: Mixin::ConvertToClassName, Mixin::FromFile Defined in: lib/chef/resource/lwrp_base.rb Overview ==

You need to note both the programmatic and the run-time context in which these errors occur. can be defined with pleasing syntax. Does not include superclass's action list when appending. 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 # File 'lib/chef/resource/lwrp_base.rb', line 81 def actions(*action_names) action_names = action_names.flatten if !action_names.empty? && [email protected]_actions self.allowed_actions this content See ASP.NET Ajax CDN Terms of Use 窶 ]]> Not FoundThe requested URL was not found on this

A print system update requires the job to be resubmitted. ERROR_INVALID_PRINTER_DRIVER_MANIFEST 3021 (0xBCD) The printer driver does not contain a valid manifest, or contains too many manifests. ERROR_PRINTER_NOT_SHAREABLE 3022 Consequently the descriptions of these codes cannot be very specific.

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